Life as a flower packer

I had been a stay at home mum for several years when Emma contacted me to ask if I was looking for some part time work.

Now both children are in full time education I was hoping, like many mums out there, to find something that could work around the school hours. I was delighted when the opportunity finally arose.

My main role at Allwoods is packing the Carnations. Mainly this involves the mail orders , although there are the occassional bouquets in the shop itself too.

I was not 100% sure how I would get on & did panic for several days that Emma & David would be inundated with complaints from customers complaining about the condition of their flowers.

Thankfully though this has not been the case & despite only being here for a few short weeks , I am really enjoying myself - it's lovely to be able to say that about your work.

The selection of colours of the blooms is always amazing. I go home most days hinting to my husband which ones I would like myself , if he had to pop in one day - he hasn't listened yet mind.

I actually find the selecting of the blooms for each order can be quite theraputic. You can have single colour bouquets or a mixture. Either way , I like the selecting. It is not just a case of putting them into a box either. 1st the box is lined with really pretty tissue paper. Then we add some foilage , which I think makes the blooms colours pop out even more. Then the flowers need to be arranged in the box. This is the bit I really enjoy doing. Sometimes there is a request for a bow or a butterfly or both. There is then tweaking of the flowers to do so that when the recipient recieves & opens their order, they are greeted by a beautiful arrangment of colour chosen just for them.

My time here flies by most of the time & it is always a bit of a suprise when it is time yo go home.

I am glad of that day that Emma messaged me.


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