Sarah's sensational scents

I've worked for Allwoods for five years now. I started off in the office, packing flowers, answering the phone to customers and making tea. Now I do a bit of everything, but no matter how long you have been doing a job you always learn something new every now and then.

I have just recently discovered that although modern carnations have been bred over the years for the blooms to last at the expense of the scent, should you want a bouquet that has a nice aroma the best varieties are the White coloured blooms and the Red carnation with the thick white picotee edge as both of these have more scent than the others.

It is lovely working with the carnations, it's always hard choosing from all the beautiful colours that are available. A popular choice at the moment seems to be the Fresh Fancy Bouquets which are a wonderful mix of carnations with picotee edgings.

Look forward to speaking to you soon when you call the office.


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